Odinstalace built-in “metro” aplikace

Jak odinstalovat “metro” aplikaci, ktera je zabudovana do OS? Treba takovy Xbox Music (nove pouze Music).
Takove aplikace nemaji “uninstall” polozku v systemu, presto se jich lze zbavit/reinstalovat.

takze jak na to:
PowerShell jako admin
Get-AppxPackage *music* | Remove-AppxPackage

Nyni lze tuto aplikaci nainstalovat klasicky ze Store.

Google Play Store – security second

It seems that Google finally pushed out new security rules, which means they deleted more than 30K apps from the store violating new rules. Security experts say each fifth app on the Google Play Store has serious security problem.
Google Play Store has over 950K apps. If estimates are true, Google should remove over 190K of apps from the store in coming weeks.

When we speak about security on Android platform, the largest Android manufacturer Samsung adds new security suite called Knox to all new devices. They probably know what they are doing since Android is the worst platform concerning security.

dasek.EU is on Windows Phone 8 Store

It’s my pleasure to announce dasek.EU Windows Phone 8 application was approved and published to Windows Phone 8 store. It is just simple RSS reader for now, but will see what future brings.

You can grab it here.

App has been prepared in new Microsoft tool called App Studio, which I really recommend. It is still in beta stage, but getting new features continuously.