Windows Group Policy – uvodni nastaveni

Po instalaci Windows se mohou hodit nejaka nastaveni,  ktera se daji elegantne poresit z Group Policy.

Takze jdem rovnou na to:

IE11 ve Windows 10 ma drobnou chybu, neustale zobrazuje Welcome to IE11 stranku. Jak se toho zbavit?
User Configuration -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> IE -> Prevent running First Run wizard -> Enable / Go Directly to homepage

Pokud nemate TPM chip a chcete pouzit BitLocker tak:
Computer Configuration -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> BitLocker Drive Encryption -> Operation System Drives -> Require additional authentication at startup -> Enable / Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM …

Jak zrusime protivny Lock Screen:
Computer Configuration -> Admin Templates -> Control Panel -> Personalization -> Do not display the lock screen
Prubezne budu aktualizovat…

Subdomains in IE compatibility Settings

If you need to add a subdomain into Internet Explorer compatibility settings, you can see standard dialogue is not a option. But there is a way!

start gpedit.msc and locate:

Computer Config – Admin Templates – Win Components – IE – Compatibility View – Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites

There you can add subdomains!

Finally logout/login or fire gpupdate command.