Kupte si Office 2013 jiz dnes.

Od 19.9.2012 Microsoft nabizi moznost koupit Office 2013. Tedy ne tak docela. Pokud od tohoto data koupite Office 2010, zisate moznost vyuzivat 1 rok zdarma Office 365 Home Premium, nebo ekvivalent Office 2013 edici, jakmile bude komecne dostupna.

Takze k Windows 8 nabidce za 390Kc je tu i velmi slusna nabidka pro Office.

K tomu tablet Surface za $300 nadavkem. Microsoft ma solidne naslapnuto.

Ceny Microsoft Office 2013

Novy Office 2013 bude mimo klasicke krabicovky a VL dostupny take jako predplatne pres Office365. Office 365 Home Premium za $8.33/mes ($99.99/rok) s moznosti pouzivat na 5 pocitacich (zahrnuje i Apple shity). V cene je i 60 minut volani pres Skype (jen u Home Premium) worldwide mesicne + pravidelne upgrady ci vylepsi sady xkrat do roka, tedy klasice SAcko + neco navic. Home Premium pak za $149.99. Home per device, Business per user.

Pokud chcete Lync, bude jen v predplatnem edice Business, u krabice ne (pro firmy s VL zrejme soucasti)


Krabicovka Home & Student za $139.99 nema Outlook. Ten ma az Home & Business za $219.99. Pokud potrebujete Acess, musite do Professional za $399.99. Pozor, instalace jen na jeden PC, tedy ne jako drive az na 3 u Home & Student. Samozrejme bez upgradu a vylepseni.

Distribuce bude jen pomoci produktoveho klice, setup se bude stahovat, tedy na 277 trzich. Jinde bude krabice. Office 2013 pujde koupit online.

Uvidime co Microsoft CR. Osobne mam 2007 Home & Student za 1300Kc s DPH krabici. Zde je tedy cenovy narust, ale lokalne bude cena mozna nizsi.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Ok, this is a review of the first application from new Microsoft Office 2013 suite – Outlook.

I guess, if you are reading this article, you know what the Outlook is and probably know 2010 version, or at least 2007. So what’s new?! Let’s jump in.

  1. Look – yeah, it is touch friendly with big buttons for email, calendar, tasks, etc. below. It is clear, white, big!
  2.  Animations everywhere. When you type (this is across whole office), when you move an email, when you delete, etc. etc. etc. Let’s be honest, it is cool, but after 10 hours it starts to be annoying.
  3. NO MORE HOTMAIL CONNECTOR. Yeah. finally, in 2012, Microsoft was able to implement own email platform in to the Outlook. Yes! Hotmail is now able to work with Outlook without any stupid plugin. But be careful. If you update from 2010 (which I strongly DO NOT recommend), you will see 2 Hotmail accounts. Old from Outlook 2010 based on MAPI and new, based on EAS (Exchange Active Sync Protocol). You can delete old one. Hey, wait, new one is empty and does not work!!! No, be patient, sync will start in couple minutes. 30 minutes in my case.
  4. Gmail over EAS – No, Google is blocking it, so when you use address m.google.com, which works fine with iOS and Windows Phone, it doesn’t work with Outlook 2013. Stupid Google! But who cares, we have Hotmail, right!
  5. IMAP/POP3 emails are working fine.
  6. It is social – you can add Facebook and LinkedIn, your site and others is the future.
  7. Sneak peak of calendar, contacts (called People now) and tasks – you can do mouse over and you will see popup windows with quick overview
  8. Email reading – it is bigger, so you will need bigger resolution to have same amount of information as before in version 2003.
  9. 2 new types of view – normal and reading (you don’s see folders, but subjects and emails), plus you can hide the ribbon. Normal and reading mode is in Word as well, for example.
  10. One big feature, when you set an IMAP account, you can define the history to be synced. 6 months for example. Great!
  11. Skydrive is deeply integrated and if you use Windows 8, it is setup from the start automatically.
  12. You can add other places. For example from inserting pictures and videos, you cann set Flicker and Youtube!
  13. Office365 SharePoint storage is there as well. Classic SharePoint is an essential feature.

There is probably a lot more, but now it’s all I see.