Odinstalace built-in “metro” aplikace

Jak odinstalovat “metro” aplikaci, ktera je zabudovana do OS? Treba takovy Xbox Music (nove pouze Music).
Takove aplikace nemaji “uninstall” polozku v systemu, presto se jich lze zbavit/reinstalovat.

takze jak na to:
PowerShell jako admin
Get-AppxPackage *music* | Remove-AppxPackage

Nyni lze tuto aplikaci nainstalovat klasicky ze Store.

dasek.EU is on Windows Phone 8 Store

It’s my pleasure to announce dasek.EU Windows Phone 8 application was approved and published to Windows Phone 8 store. It is just simple RSS reader for now, but will see what future brings.

You can grab it here.

App has been prepared in new Microsoft tool called App Studio, which I really recommend. It is still in beta stage, but getting new features continuously.