Use proxy for defined URLs only in IE11

If you want to route defined URLs thru proxy and have the rest routed directly, there is a way in IE and you don’t need any plugin! Create a PAC File

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
if (shExpMatch(host, ""))
return "DIRECT";

Create a website with hosted PAC file: http://URL/proxy.pac (you can use local IIS). Add MIME Type for .PAC


Set http://URL/proxy.pac to IE settings -> Connections -> LAN settings -> Use automatic configuration script.

Add URL ( to trusted sites in IE settings.

Restart IE and you are done!

List Of Sites With Disabled Enhanced Protected Mode in IE11

If you are looking for the list of sites where you disabled Enhanced Protected Mode, you have dig deep into the registry. There is no UI in the Internet Explorer.

You can find the list here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabProcConfig

hex value 47b means plugins are enabled on these domains, even those which are not compatible with EPM.


Microsoft Adds OCR Capabilities to SkyDrive Photos

Microsoft just announced new feature for it’s Skydrive cloud storage, OCR! Using this capability you can extract text from the picture you have stored in the cloud.

This feature is probably locked tight to photos taken with your Windows Phone and only these languages are supported right now: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. Next are on the way.

Start using it right now